Retrieved 7 December Basically the chip can spread out memory requests faster and more directly to the RAM chips. This content has been marked as final. Radeon R5xx Acceleration v. Could you possibly tell me how to? Because of its smaller design, these cards also offer lower power demands 30 watts , so they run cooler and can be used in smaller cases.

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Retrieved from ” https: TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. If you want to play at higher frame rates or higher settings or both, you will have to get a better graphics card X100/x1550. This series is the budget solution of the X series and is based on the RV core.

I tried to run a setup file, but nothing happens. It over the recommended. Not only are they fully Shader Model 3 capable, but ATI introduced some innovative advancements in shader threading that can greatly improve the efficiency of the shader units.

Radeon x/x Series Driver Update | Community

Its advantage over X is both lower power consumption and heat x1300/c1550. Could you possibly tell me how to? Updating drivers won’t make it any better. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Along these ring buses are 4 “stop” points where data exits the ring and going into or out of the memory chips. It’s the one that came with it.


ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (256mb) Problem

The graphics do not meet the minimum required for Win7. The problem had been almost random in how it affected the prototype chips, making it quite difficult to finally identify. This modular design allows ATI to build a “top to bottom” line-up using identical technology, saving research and development time and money.

Ruby’s latest nemesis, Cyn, was composed ofpolygons. Roxio and Cyberlink have also released a good stand alone codec if you want those you can search for them. It’s really the same for DVD even though dvd is old and widely accepted.

ATI Radeon X1300 (256MB, PCI)

It also gains three extra vertex shaders, bringing the total to 5 units. Well, then there might be something wrong with the card. Maybe someone here can x13000/x1550 Already have an account? The X cards have 3 pixel shaders on each pipeline instead of 1, giving a total of 48 pixel shader units.

The R5xx family introduced a more advanced onboard motion-video engine. Ati Radeon X problem Apr 2, This generation has support for all recent memory types, including GDDR4.


Do you already have an account? Another way to find out what graphics card you have is to go to: I’ve gone into the BIOS but it didn’t have an onboard graphics enabled. Current technologies and software. R, however, differs with its central controller arbiter that connects to the “memory clients”. It is newer with newer features than the minimum Radeon but not necessarily a higher performing card. It seems like you are not able to decode the DVD’s.

Radeon X series – Wikipedia

Yes, just be thankful it’s working at all. ATI has been working for years on a high-performance shader compiler in their driver for their older hardware, so staying with a similar basic design that is compatible offered obvious cost and time savings.

Around the chip there are two bit ring buses running at the same speed as the DRAM chips, but in opposite directions to reduce latency.

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