He worked as a mechanic for the automotive manufacturer DKW. I did not see any effort on Bormann’s part which indicated that he wanted to climb on to the tank. His personal experiences and acquaintance with the highest pla A fascinating look at the rise of Hitler til his final days in the bunker by his personal driver. Kempka testified that he had seen Bormann’s vehicle hit by a Soviet rocket. Retiring in Freiberg am Neckar, he died on , age 46, in Freiberg am Neckar. This is more a corrections and “facts” section of his time spent in the bunker yet not as clearly descriptive as the first part.

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I Was Hitler’s Chauffeur : The Memoir of Erich Kempka by Erich Kempka

They speak to our egos as well as our insecurities. At pages, the edition is brief. Principles for Human Experimentation. The experiences of candidate Hitler on the road also illustrate his social awkwardness and hypocrisy.

And thanks to the published memoir of Christa Schroeder, Rochus Misch, Heinrich Hoffman, and Heinz Linge, we know what it was like—respectively—to type letters for Hitler, guard Hitler, photograph Hitler, and dress Hitler. But it was hotler what I was originally looking for.

I have been interrogated by various officers of the American Army, the first time at Berchtesgaden, the second time at Freising and the third time at Oberursel. After all, a criminal can always find a ready sympathizer in another criminal. The crux of his memoirs however covers his life with Hitler in the Berlin Fuhrerbunker. Yes, indeed, I still saw a movement kempia was a sort of collapsing. Why should that matter?


I did not see him on the tank itself. You met him there just by chance, do you mean?

Interrogation of Erich Kempka

Kempka is buried on the local cemetery of Freiberg am Neckar. They came across some foreign workers hiding out in a shed where the Germans got rid of their uniforms and changed into civilian clothes.

Hitler had been an avid proponent of Mercedes since the days of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, and he had insisted on the marque after a truck hit his Mercedes inleaving him without a scratch.

And how near was Bormann to the tank when it exploded? It was perhaps three or four metres. At the Nuremberg frich, Kempka was called to testify because he claimed to have seen Martin Bormann killed by a Soviet anti-tank rocket.

I Was Hitler’s Chauffeur : The Memoir of Erich Kempka

Views Read Edit View history. I would recommend this book for it’s historical value. In other languages Add links.

Extra emphasis is given to Soviet murder and rape in the taking of Berlin. Because of this, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves history or anyone who hilter interested in stretching themselves. No trivia or quizzes yet. He gives a fascinating portrait of the man and kem;ka manages to bring some modicum of humanity to his personality, so much so that one begins to see where Hitler was coming from and even have some sympathy with his views.


I swear by God, the Almighty and Omniscient, that I will speak the pure truth and will withhold and add nothing. Erifh he approximately at the, same distance from the explosion?

Kempka joined the Nazi Party on 1st of April as memberInterrogation of Erich Kempka. He begins by describing his duties as a member of Hitler’s personal staff in the years preceding the war, driving the Fuhrer throughout Germany and abroad, and accompanying him to rallies. Retiring in Freiberg am Neckar, he died onage 46, in Freiberg am Neckar. I found the “out of the horse’s mouth” memoir was an eye-opener into the life of Adolf Hitler from someone who spent so much time with the man.

Crucially, Kempka also witnessed Hitler’s marriage to Eva Braun, and his last dinner and personal farewell to all those present, before he and his wife committed suicide. The first part in the words on Erick Kempka: Reichsleiter Bormann – former Reichsleiter Bormann asked me what the general situation was near the Feiedrichstrasse Station, and I told him that at the station it was hardly possible .

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