This driver package contains the version 6. The options with the same name can also be set in xorg. Despite the minor layout problems, this is a solid board with a full feature set. Intel does not warrant or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within the Software. Option “XvMCSurfaces” ” integer “. DRI is enabled for configurations where it is supported. When the graphics performance accelerator memory runs out, the graphics and memory controller hub turns to the system memory for additional frame buffer space.

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Integrated Video Chipset Roundup – January 2001

The layout of this board is clean and there were no potentially serious installation problems. Another gideo feature of the chipset is the support of PC memory.

As befits an Intel board, the layout is clean and conservative. It targeted the low-cost segment of the market, offering a robust platform for uniprocessor budget systems with integrated graphics.

Wait for the completion of every batch vidfo before continuing, i. Full Scale lntel image to the panel size without regard to aspect ratio. Intel’s i chipset is one of the more powerful Socket solutions out there when matted with an external AGP 4X video card. The other notable feature is having two USB controllers and 4 ports on board. It is a Boolean attribute with values of 0 never sync or 1 always sync. Note that the performance differences between these boards are small, so memory bandwidth is not the deciding factor.


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Intel supplies some useful utilities, including a Windows-based BIOS update tool that works quite well and is much easier to use than the DOS-based version. But the displayed image may be distorted by stretching either horizontally or vertically, and pixels may not be displayed one-to-one there may be some blurriness. Claims arising under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of California, excluding its principles of conflict of laws and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Sale of Goods.

Overclockers should look elsewhere.

Note that audio and LAN functionality are really software driven, so expect to use some processor cycles if you go with pure ICH2 solutions. With the improvements in the chipset, it will likely be a popular chipset for the mainstream PC market that doesn’t wish to pay the higher prices for RDRAM memory.

Integrated Graphics Performance – Intel Chipset

Although it seems like this is the same amount of memory bandwidth offered by a unified memory architecture with PC intrl, the GPA does not have to compete with additional data passing over the bus.

As a result of the tighter cycling timing, PC offers a lead-off latency of only 30ns nanosecondsinstead of the 45ns required by PC Often the same South Bridge component can be used with several different North Bridge chipsets. However, we deactivated both onboard audio and networking for our performance testing.

Please check back later. The default used for a specific configuration can be found by examining the Xorg log file. If you do not wish to so agree, do not install or use the Software. This is the only mode which guarantees that every pixel of the panel will be used.


Associating Monitor sections with each output can be helpful if you need to ignore a specific output, for example, or statically configure an extended desktop monitor layout. The onboard graphics’ performance in games was also unsatisfactory, and many games of that time vodeo to be run at low resolution and low detail levels to be playable.

Intel 815 Chipset

Page 1 of 1. Enable printing of debugging information on acceleration fallbacks to the server log. Intel R itel chipset family graphics driver exe Version: The driver supports the following X11 Xv attributes for Textured Video. Another important feature of the is the integration of a fast Ethernet controller directly into the chipset. The integrated DVI connector allows system builders to configure very compact systems with digital flat panel monitors for applications such as small kiosks in public locations.

For even more performance, one can install a full 4x AGP card in the I851 4x slot, which will disable the integrated video. I do not accept the terms in the intek agreement. With the PC support, Intel has also officially set a standard for PC memory that is higher than most other PC memory currently on the market.

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