This list is no longer updated. Agree, except who the hell needs a color printer? The reason HP makes cheaper printers now than it used to is it got in a pricing war with Lexmark. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. I will concede a few things: Chiming in my support for old HP Laserjet tanks.

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%Info Lexmark TA11A Black Print T65X Return Program Toner Cartridge – Unexcavated

The inkjet printer is a bait, most of the profits come from ink cartridge sales. Filter posts by subject: Honestly, I just fought with my Lexmark S for over twenty minutes. So I’m curious, why buy color?

The most terrifying example of this stupidity is about the life expectancy of light bulbs. I would call “persuading the user to destroy it out of sheer frustration” “designing a product with a limited useful life”. Inkjet printers seem to exist purely as a tax on people who haven’t segies laser printers yet.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Okay, now how often do you buy a new printer? They tend to be a bit overpriced for their page yields and not as durable as some of the other brands or their older models. Razor Blade Model I’m happy to give more detail or answer questions as long as it’s not something I’ll get in trouble for Kexmark is pretty cheap when I seeies that too.


Inkjet has not caught up to laser in many aspects, but they are inching close enough that inkjet makes sense for many small to medium volume business environments.

default printers in sap?

Why, after millions of man hours of technology research, and prices actually dropping every year after adjusting for inflation, are things only marginally better instead of fantastically?

Its part of their business plan though to stop people like me from refilling them for a fraction of the cost. Newer printers are shoddily made along with the cartridges that go inside them. A persistent streak for me at work is toner buildup on the transfer roller on the fuser. If you order them from online though you are just asking for trouble.

I seriss this guide to colour inkjets vs colour lasers. They’re smaller, lighter, more energy efficient especially the new printers that use an led array instead of a laserand in some cases faster. Honestly, unless you print a lot of photos, you don’t need a color printer at home.

It’s worked perfectly for several years, and I’ve only had to replace the cartridge once. If you make a product which doesn’t break after a certain time, you’re dead!

Not that I print photos that often, but if you do it might not be the best solution. This is why it is important to not look at the upfront cost of the printer but its lifetime cost. If you get them remanufactured replacing all the moving components, not just refilling the toner by someone locally who guarantees their work usually you’ll be ok.


The cartridges they take are more prone to failure and have less ink than the generation before, but also are slightly cheaper reverse is true for the long term cost however of course. Mid range in the page yield for price.

Don’t bother with inkjet printers, they are not oexmark the hassle.

You’ve got customers lining up. Mechanical design engineer for–oh yes–inkjet printers. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter.

We’re using genuine xerox toner cartridges. The ink isn’t cheap and internally it was a mess excess ink splatter gumming things up.

By litigious human meatbags. I accidentally printed the entire contents of my inbox at work the other day. I got it for free because a guy I knew didn’t want to move it to his new place.

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