Click this to download http: Friday, June 26, 1: Go into your Device manager and you may, like me, have something in your ‘unknown devices’ called your Linksys wusb54g. I tried to download the driver for 32bit windows 7 from your Dropbox but it returned as an error. How do you install the driver on Windows 10?

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If your specific adapter is not listed please send me the requested info.

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The art and science of creating and breaking locks is carried out by locksmiths and also the profession is referred to as locksmithing. Set by step, i tried but it didnt work. When USB is plugged in and Win10 says it is not installed properly … Download driver from official website, 46 I need a windows 10 driver for wusb54gsc v2.

I just upgrade the window from xp to 7 and now the lnksys official driver won’t work anymore.

Comments Thanks Matt, it works fine. Now I do not need to throw these good old adapters away.

I prefer static IP anyways. Wednesday, January 14, Thank you very much!


WUSB54G and Windows 7 – Page 2 – Linksys Community

Message 9 of 64Views. It works for windows 7. To cut a long story short, I found it and currently hosting linksya on my Dropbox to help out fellow users. Note, I had to disable the Windows Driver Singing feature to get these to install.

Fortunately, I found a workaround. Message 6 linkays 64Views. The chipset is broadcomm u. No refreshing so you dont lose connect even for a split second and no extra crap you dont need running in the background. Go into your Device manager and you may, like me, have something in your ‘unknown devices’ called your Linksys wusb54g.

Message 10 ,inksys 64Views. Then I downloaded the last Vista update driver for it from Linsys, which did not even mention “bit”, and that would not install.

Office Biit Exchange Server. Use them at your own risk. With so many fake locksmith companies using so many fake addresses, many c4 of a search engine are highly likely to become a victim of one of the thousands of phony locksmith companies because they have purposely placed themselves with a phony address in any area they choose, without regard for our laws or the safety of the citizens that may live at those addresses.


If I use the onboard wireless card, I get really slow results.

64 bit driver for Linksys WUSB54G – works with Vista RC1

I downloaded the zip file and I am not sure what I should do next with the unzipped files. I spend a day to find the solution, so I hope it will save your time folks!

Message 16 of 25 41, Views. How did you proceed? I followed your instructions for 64bit install and the driver worked. However I eventually used a wired connection and Windows then automatically found the drivers and installed them for me.

I have already sent them. I used the drivers available from Linksys’s Support for Vista. In my case I thought I needed the ‘driver’ program first, so installed that first. I would attach the files here for anyone who needs them but i dont see an option for that. However, on the Network Connection window, it showes up Disabled.

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