Wi-Fi Catcher for detecting wi-fi hot spots view large image. Moreover, while the D offered standard Intel Pentium M processors operating at up to 2. Full size keyboard with touchpad and pointing stick Battery: I would have liked to have had at least 1 USB 2. The steel screen hinges provide firm movement, and the magnesium-alloy casing provides resilient protection while avoiding unnecessary creaking. Dell Latitude D view large image.

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Finally, rather than using a standard 2. While the usefulness of this feature is up for debate, it is certainly a welcome addition.

Dell Latitude D420 Review (pics, specs)

The D can be equipped with a 4-cell, 6-cell, or 9-cell battery. There is light leakage at the bottom of the D screen, but nothing outrageous.

Front view of soumd view large image. Although IBM, Toshiba, Acer, and several others offered competing ultra-portables, Sounnd seemed to provide the most competitive pricing thanks mostly to educational EPP discounts along with the most comprehensive warranty services, making the ultimate choice of the newer D a bit simpler.

Dell fulfilled their part of the order, UPS somehow lost or enabled the theft of the D after it was placed on the delivery truck.

It is true that the D as tested with the Core Solo is no performance stand-out. Just as is the case with glossy screens, using the D outside is less than optimal in direct sunlight, but still certainly a possibility, although from my personal experience glossy screens seemed to be easier to read outdoors.

Having been less than satisfied with a thin-and-light, I decided my next notebook would have to be an ultra-portable, preferably weighing no more than 3 lbs. In this review the main author is David Dobolyi, comments by Andrew Baxter who owns the precisely same configured D are in blue.


Full size keyboard with touchpad and pointing stick Battery: On a final note, Dell must be commended for including a minimal amount of bundled software with the D Once again though, the fact that the fan rarely runs means that this issue is not as problematic as it could be.

Showing no signs of flex and providing solid travel with minimal noise, the D has proven to have the best keyboard I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Even then, the noise generated is generally drowned out by ambient sounds.

I agree that build wise the D is a real winner. The result is a low-key and industrial look that draws attention without unnecessary glitz or flash. Pros Light-weight design starting at 3.

Dell Latitude D Specs – CNET

Screen The D comes standard with a Furthermore, for general business and home applications, the D has more than enough power and even some left to spare.

The D offers a reasonable selection of ports in the limited space available, although more USB ports and perhaps an S-Video and DVI port would have been certainly been nice although these are available via various expansion and dock options. Finally, it should be noted that the D uses a matte screen instead of the increasingly popular glossy option. Nevertheless, a headphone jack is provided, and when hooked up to either headphones or speakers, the sound reproduction was better than expected, with little-to-no hissing and rich sound that was far superior to that provided by my DV when playing back music.


Two sets of mouse buttons are also included for added convenience when using each respective device.

Dell Latitude D420 laptop sound card drivers

The bulk of the ports are situated in the rear of the unit, which is convenient when having many devices hooked up when using the system on a desk. I also had the 6-cell battery and when timed I got almost exactly 3-hours of usage when having the screen brightness set to half and wi-fi on.

Left side view of ports on the D The viewing angles are so so, the horizontal angles being better than vertical. I like the D soind, pointing stick and suond a lot. Processor, Performance, and Storage Performance will likely be the key point of controversy rell those considering the purchase of a D As would be expected of a business notebook, Dell offers several key security features for those that would need them. I also purchased the Dell D via Dell.

Dell Latitude D with Samsung screen view large image. In an effort to simplify its ultramobile product line, Dell has merged several traits from dekl of these two retired models to create the new D In terms of battery life with the 6-cell, in my limited dsll I have averaged a bit over three hours with Wi-Fi on and maximum screen brightness while composing documents, surfing the web, and listening to music.

Expansion Slot, Battery hard drive accessible underneathMemory Upgrade Slot under panel view large image.

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